1. Client gives written confirmation for a search together with a description of the shots required.

  2. STOCK SHOT selects and despatches the material file-based with timecode on screen.

  3. Client makes a choice of shots with a description and timecode and gives an order for the delivery of the shots.

  4. Upon receipt of the required shots STOCK SHOT sends the client an application for permission to use.

  5. STOCK SHOT despatches the shots and gives permission for use of the material upon payment of the invoice.


  • In the events that authors copyright for the recording and duplication of STOCK SHOT material is not obtained, while the production and/or distribution has taken place, STOCK SHOT retains the right to forbid the showing or distribution and to take appropriate legal action.

  • STOCK SHOT retains the right to change tariffs annually.

  • STOCK SHOT is empowered to receive one copy of a production in which its material has been used. This does not require to be returned.

  • Reference will be made in the credits or other usual place in the production to the source, viz: Archive material: STOCK SHOT.

  • The permission from STOCK SHOT for TV- and Cinema commercials is valid for a period of 3 months from the delivery of the material, unless otherwise agreed. For the extension of a commercial this must be communicated to STOCK SHOT by means of a repeat application.

  • In the event that changes are made to an existing production or that existing productions are combined, permission must be again requested from STOCK SHOT.




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