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Looking for footage?
Don't shoot!

Shots of seasons, landscapes, wildlife and colors of nature  …
More than 500,000 broadcast
videoshots are at your disposal.

arts, culture & history
tourism & destinations

skills & crafts
nature & landscapes    

flora, fauna,  aerials, sunsets, national parks and more ...

NATIONAL PARKS such as:  Abel Tasman, Ayers Rock, Beierse Woud, Biesbos, Blue Mountains, Bryce Canyon, Bukit Timah, Cliffs of Moher, Death Valley, Dovrefjell, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Hohe Tauern, Iguazu, Jasper & Banff, Joshua Tree, Jotunheimen, Kakadu, Katherine Gorge, Krugerpark, Lake District, Litchfield, Muddus, Oostvaardersplassen, Padjelanta, Rondane, Sarek, Sequoia, Stora Sjöfallet, Burren, Tongariro, Veluwe, Waddensea, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion ...  ... CLICK HERE for our PROCECURES


Looking for a Job?  animal keeper, baker, Balinese dancer, barrel organ music maker, barrelmaker, basket maker, beautician, bee-keeper, beer brewer, bell founder, bell tuner, birdman, carpenter, cartwright, cheese maker, circus artist, clockmaker, clown, composer, cowboy, rancher, decoy man, diamond cutter, drumkit maker, eel fisher, enameller, enemelers, engraver, film restorer, flute maker, forester, game warden, glassblower, guitar builder ... CLICK HERE for an overview of CRAFTS


Looking for summer? Stock Shot supplies you with shots of butterflies, wild flora, beautiful sunsets, oceans, swaying palms, breakers and more …. CLICK HERE FOR stockshot MOVIES



Looking for a BIRD?  CLICK HERE for stockshot’s BIRDS channel

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